Everything Is Marketing


EveryThing Is Marketing

You are not sure what marketing channel to focus on to grow your business.


The sooner you become the marketer of your business instead of the doer of your business, then the faster your income and business will grow!

The one rule you must know is this – Every sale is the result of your marketing.


Marketing is anything that you would do or can do to get customers AND keep customers. Period.

So it would reason that;

Everything is marketing…and marketing is everything to your success.

Marketing is using…
Display ads, Television Commercials, Emails / Newsletters, Websites / Landing Pages
Flyers, Postcards, Yellow Page Ads, Your Letterhead, Signs / Billboards
Smart Coupons, Loyalty / Referral campaigns, Surveys / Reviews

Every interaction with customers and prospects… EVERYTHING IS MARKETING!!!

When you realize that “everything is marketing…” the opportunities for marketing your business look totally different to you.

You start to see obvious advertising mistakes that you want to correct and how your product or service can be viewed by others.

You will see missed opportunities and a ton of opportunities for improvement when you begin to look at this as everything-has-a-potential-to-be-a marketing message.

Online-to-Offline Marketing – also known as O2O – is an effective Direct Response marketing strategy for businesses to reach customers in all effective media channels.

Offline marketing is the process of creating advertisements or other marketing materials and distributing them through traditional channels such as television, radio, print, and direct mail. Offline marketing can be expensive and difficult to track results.

Online-to-Offline (O2O) marketing is an effective way for businesses to reach customers because it allows them to target potential customers through their smartphones and computers.

Additionally, online-to-offline marketing is cost effective because businesses can track the effectiveness of their campaigns through online analytics tools.

ALL marketing strategies MUST be held accountable to produce profits.
This means that you must know the effectiveness of each ad, coupon, letter, flyer, postcard, Radio commercial etc.

Your goal is to create a marketing system that's predictable and able to be duplicated.
In order to reach that goal, you should be able to know the exact ad that brought every prospect to your business.

Once you are able to create and duplicate a marketing system, your next focus should be on the Return On Investment.
Every dollar that you spend must come back to your bank account with at least 5 new friends to join him.

When done correctly, there is no better investment in your business than marketing.

Everything else is a cost. You must know your Return On Investment (ROI) at all times.

Direct Response Marketing is marketing designed to generate an immediate response or immediate action from a prospect,
Where each response (and purchase) can be measured, attributed, and connected to individual advertisements.

Direct response marketing uses a sales funnel to achieve a goal
Your offline marketing gets your marketing message out and drives traffic online to digital assets

This lets you know what prompted people to respond or come in and what marketing message got people to you.

Now you know what’s working and what’s not.

Digital assets also result in lists for long-term relationship building.

Since you can track your R.O.I. you now know exactly what the value of a prospect and customer are, because you know exactly what marketing piece they responded to.

By understanding the benefits your customers want your ads and marketing messages are much more effective
You will be able to create advertising that is non-threatening and compels and motivates your defined target market to respond.
So now that you have improved your traditional offline marketing

You must understand the importance of your online and digital assets

It’s not enough to get new customers, it’s about getting them back over-and-over
Building and using email and messaging lists are key to generating more repeat business from existing customers so you can increase revenue.

Your online presence requires social trust – It matters what is said.
Potential customers check you out before engaging your business.
It is imperative your reputation is outstanding and full of positive reviews and word of mouth recommendations.

It is important you obtain customer feedback as well as generate positive reviews across Google, yelp, and Facebook, so customers buy from you instead of your competitors.

Brand exposure is important online as well as offline.
Maintaining a consistent social media presence with online advertising will assure your business is always top of mind with customers and prospects.

If you follow this strategy you can increase your business by upwards of 25% or more

Why does it work
Research shows 80% of consumers are more likely to buy from companies that cater to their interests at the moment of need fulfillment.

51% of all search is local

97% of consumers use the internet as the starting point of all research

78% of consumers trust peer recommendation-they want to know the social input from their friends, family, & online community

Trusted source emails and messaging have high open and response rates

Direct online ordering of local consumer goods and services is increasing
Integrated advertising is the best way to drive engagement and sales, while increasing customer satisfaction and brand awareness.

Are you ready to forge a bond with customers, letting them know you are listening and understand their needs.

Are you ready to prove your company is the best at serving their needs while creating unrivaled customer experiences and building client loyalty to your brand.

Are you ready to tailor the marketing of your products and services to match the behaviors of your audience.

There are many aspects to marketing and building a successful O2O marketing campaign

Creating a strategy that satisfies a consumers expectations of a frictionless flow can be challenging for any sized business

You need a knowledgeable expert that understands the needs and challenges of your industry

We are greatly passionate about two things Marketing and Technology.

With 30+ years of consulting and business systems experience I can confidently say that my team and I can help your business thrive.

Contact us for a no-obligation ‘zero-strings attached’ marketing consultation.

We will perform a detailed assessment of your business to examine areas of growth.

Help you develop a proven marketing strategy designed to increase sales,
generate a consistent flow of new customers, increase brand lift, and drive more repeat business.

You can expect effective marketing that works and generates a positive ROI, so you make significantly more money than you invest.. Month-after-Month