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Omnipresence Branding via Multi-Media Integration

Who we are

Our company mission to help you grow profitably in your business and attain your lifestyle goals.

Sound research equals sound strategy.

Building community omnipresence is key to your business success. Whether doing it your self or hiring a consultant an understanding of marketing concepts and available tools are essential to reaching your company goals. That is why we developed the Local Digi Tools blog and marketplace. Let this be your online university for developing a workable marketing strategy for your small business or professional practice.

The center of all media engagement should be interactive engagement 

Regardless of point in sales cycle todays consumers desire instant gratification. If you want to be chosen over competitors and be "put first" then you will have to deliver on the promise that your customers come first. Our GotChat services provide live chat and automated chatbots to provide prospect interaction and customer service needs. The Cyberbot Ecom platform provides a complete pipeline crm solution;  Facebook and Instagram messaging, Online Store Fronts, SMS-Email Marketing, Google Business Page management and much more.

Sometimes you just need a helping hand

We get it. Running a business takes time and effort. Learning marketing, developing strategies and implementing campaigns adds more time and energy to your efforts. That is why we started the O2O Media Brand. An agency that understands online and offline advertising and how to integrate them so your investment yields the maximum return. From design and implementation to hand off or complete management we have you covered. 

T J Pilant


 I am greatly passionate about two things Marketing and Technology. With 30+ years of consulting and business systems experience I can confidently say that I M Unlimited products and services will help your business thrive.

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E-mail: support@imunlmtd.com

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